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Tech companies have reinvited consumer commerce by eliminating friction from the buyer experience: Express Reordering, 1-Click Checkout, Contactless Payments & Just-Walk-Out. Now, most businesses can deliver an elegant checkout to their customers, both online and offline.

A similar transformation has taken place in B2B Software - but only for the big companies. Leading SaaS companies have achieved a step-function improvement in monetizing end-user demand. Products like Slack, GitHub, Hubspot, and Figma use more precise pricing & packaging models, delivered via better buyer experiences. As a result, they can serve their entire market, and drive in-account expansion: additional seats, additional consumption, higher tiers, and add-ons.

To do so, these platforms build their own monetization infrastructure - which requires deep integration of billing and user access control. Monetization sits at the heart of a business and has tentacles into many departments.

Most software businesses cannot make a similar investment, and miss out on growth. At UserHub, we hope to level the playing field. To do so, we are reimagining User Management and Subscription Management as a User-Based Billing Platform to put Modern Monetization within reach of every software business.

UserHub user & subscription management reimagined

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