Custom Users

The Custom Users connection is a User Provider that allows you to implement a set of webhook callbacks that UserHub uses to keep the UserHub user object in sync with your database.

There are five basic actions which are supported and two which are required. These map to normal crud operations and include:

  • List users: Action is used to import users and keep users up-to-date. This is called when first setup and periodically to ensure all users exist in UserHub. By default the mostly-recently-created users should be returned first.
  • Get a user: Action is used to get an individual user during Portal sign-in and as part of the background sync process to ensure the user hasn't been deleted (if absent from list).
  • Create a user (optional): Action is used when UserHub needs to create a new user. This isn’t required and it is expected that many integrations won’t support it.
  • Update a user (optional): Action is used when UserHub needs to update an existing user (e.g. admin updates the user’s profile details from the Admin Console).
  • Delete a user (optional): Action is used when an admin requests that a user be disconnected from UserHub and deleted from the remote system. Similar to the create request it is expected that many integrations won’t support this feature.

The Custom Users connection uses an existing webhook to make requests. You'll need set one up before configuring the Custom Users connection.

See the Webhooks Getting Started guide for more information.

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