What is UserHub?

UserHub is a user-based billing platform that helps B2B SaaS companies monetize like Figma, GitHub, HubSpot, and other Subscription SaaS leaders.

Using your existing identity provider and Stripe Billing account, UserHub makes it easy to build plans and manage subscriptions that include seat-based billing by treating users as a first class billing entity.

userhub platform
userhub platform

What does integration look like?

UserHub acts as the source of truth for the state of your customers, but also allows flexibility when it comes to who you choose for your billing, identity, and email providers. Below is a diagram of how UserHub would integrate with your app, including connections to your user provider (e.g. Auth0, Google Cloud Identity, custom made), billing provider (e.g. Stripe Billing), and backend.

userhub diagram
userhub diagram
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